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Re: Hula -- mixed mono package


> > compile and be happy - mono is a strange beast, accept where it goes and
> > when you use rpmlint, you can ignore quite a lot of the errors as
> > rpmlint doesn't understand mono and it's packaging.
> > 
> That won't work.  This is a mixed package.  Some mono .exe/.dll's and
> some ELF libs/programs.
> The upstream hula install seems to be doing the right thing by putting
> mono .exe/.dll's into /usr/lib/hula and the ELF .so libs into
> %{_libdir}. 

Which is correct. You'll find that if you run the spec, if you don't
redefine libdir and are on a 64 bit system, then the mono stuff will
probably end up a bit messed (I don't know the package, so it's possible
the .pc file ends up in /usr/lib64/pkgconfig with the mono stuff also
being there or it may all be in /usr/lib)

> But there is one ELF program hulamonohelper that is being
> put into /usr/lib/hula along with the mono .exe/.dll's.

That sounds very odd - is there a symlink back to bindir?

> My question is whether I should try to move that program around to a
> different location since it's going to be a 64bit binary on an x86_64.
> (Hmmm... and on Fedora it should probably go to %{_libexecdir} rather
> than %{_libdir})

I wouldn't. If everything is in /usr/lib/hula then it should all be
happy. As Jeremy has said though libexecdir does sound sane, but it
might not. Are you running a 64 bit system currently (I'm happy to try
the package here) or is it available as a BZ FE review package?

> Also -- a bit more explanation of why mono apps need to go in /usr/lib
> is in order b/c the Core packages tomboy and beagle end up
> in /usr/lib64/ on an x86_64.

They don't need to go in there. However, if you have a package which
builds on them (for example, MonoDevelop [ 178904 ] needs boo [ 189092 ]
amongst others), the configure script may not pick them up correctly. By
having them all in /usr/lib, you can be assured that the package will be
found. It's not the best way of doing things, but until things become
saner with mono and how it's set up and how it looks for things...


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