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FE package database

Hi Warren,

You mentioned you'd like to implement a database for FE packages.  Here are 
some thoughts for your pondering...

I think a very simple solution would be to have two tables.  The first would 
simply be an extension of the current owners.list file.  It could still be kept 
in CVS.  Here are the fields that could be in there:

Package table:

 1. product
 2. component
 3. description
 4. initialowner (current package owner)
 5. initialqacontact
 6. initialcclist (package co-maintainers)
 7. review submitter
 8. review submit date
 9. reviewer
10. accept date
11. review request BZ ticket number
12. current status (Active, Orphaned, Dropped, Moved to Core)

Another table (which could be set alongside the owners.list file, also in CVS)
would be automatically maintained by the build system (a row is added each 
time a build is successfully completed, or maybe when the package is signed)
and could look like this:

Builds table:

 1. component
 2. e-v-r
 3. fedora release number (devel, 5, 4, etc.)
 4. build request submitter
 5. build request date

Combining the two tables would give an accurate view of the current status of 
all FE packages, and who did what and at what time.

Those tables would be pretty small, and can easily be loaded in any kind of 
DBMS to extract informations.  Keeping the basic data in plain text files 
allows for easy data input and keeps the update process very plain and open 
through the commits log in the ml.


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