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Re: FE Package Status of Jun 7, 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 07.06.2006, 10:52 +0200 schrieb
Christian Iseli licr org:
> Hi Hans,
> j w r degoede hhs nl said:
> > Can you put libgsf113 on some kinda blacklist it was a newer version of
> > libgsf (which is in core) which was needed for a while for some FE  packages
> > put no core has upgraded so its obsolete, and has been  completly removed
> > from CVS.
> Ok, will do.  I see two solutions:
>  - add the blacklist in the script
>  - keep the blacklist on the Extras/PackagesNoLongerInDevel page

The best solution probably would be:

- re-import the last package in CVS and place a dead.package file in it. 

That's probably to much work for a small gain so my vote is "add the
blacklist in the script" for this stuff -- it normally should not happen
again in the future so this blacklist should be written once and
(normally) never extended later.


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