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Re: libdir and python on x86_64

> So arch specific stuff will go in lib64/, site-independent stuff will
> end in lib/

As a follow-up question, there are cases of sets of python packages that
expect to be installed in the same tree.  Taking the example of Twisted;
TwistedCore contains some C-based python modules, and a lot of python
code.  TwistedNames contains only python code.  Both of them expect to
end up installed in the same tree in the end, so that both

import twisted.python


import twisted.names


It seems to me that, for a set of packages that are going to share the
same module namespace, if any of them contains any arch-dependent code,
*ALL* of these packages need to go into sitearch.

In Extras, this would apply to both Twisted and Flumotion.

Does this seem correct, or am I missing something ?


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