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Re: unable to use mock

cranium2003 wrote:
hi paul,
--- cranium2003 <cranium2003 yahoo com> wrote:

Hi Paul,
       I did yum install yum-utils and then
 python fedora-mirror.py
syncing: Fedora development core i386 debuginfo to
No Repositories Available to Set Up


whats that mean??

You need some additional config files.

my fedora-mirror.py attached here.

### License: GPL
### Author:  Rudolf Kastl


import os

flavourlist=["core", "extras", "updates",
"updates-testing", "legacy"]
#versionlist=["development", "5", "4", "3", "2"
versionlist=["development", "5"]
archlist=["i386" ]
subflavourlist=["debuginfo", "source"]

I suggest you start with just one flavour/version/arch and get that working first. Try this:

#archlist=["i386", "x86_64", "ppc"]
#subflavourlist=["debuginfo", "source"]

##### block for parsing commandline switches
from optparse import OptionParser

parser = OptionParser()
### var can be accessed with options.filename
parser.add_option("-d", "--dest",
dest="destination", help="Sync Destination",
metavar="dir", default="/srv/mirror")

Change /srv/mirror on this line to where you want you local repos to live.

You then need to add a yum configuration for the mirror to use. For rawhide, copy /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-development.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/mirror-core-development.repo and edit /etc/yum.repos.d/mirror-core-development.repo. Change the repo names as follows:

[root xy01m005 yum.repos.d]# diff fedora-development.repo mirror-core-development.repo
< [development]
> [mirror-core-development]
< [development-debuginfo]
> [mirror-core-development-debuginfo]
< [development-source]
> [mirror-core-development-source]

Then try fedora-mirror again. Once that's working, add other versions/flavours as required.


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