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Re: Buildsys strangeness

On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 12:06 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi all,
> I had a job which was building since yesterday evening, so it was 
> clearly stuck hence i killed the job and requeued it now its stuck again 
> in a very strange way:
> 10586: dia (dia-0_95-4_fc6)  j w r degoede hhs nl   building/in-progress
>          hammer3.fedora.redhat.com(i386): 
> 3524044740cc821119c18f0b86d24a4a99e51884 done/building
>          hammer3.fedora.redhat.com(i386): 
> f70c9a2aea3719453f700a1ac04a1e632fd3b01f running/building
>          hammer3.fedora.redhat.com(x86_64): 
> da9431d21b048c528bcaff326544a1efd4d8a3b0 done/done
>          ppc2.fedora.redhat.com(ppc): 
> 653e112d8edb708fd7f730776e5cf5b6dba318ca done/done
> Notice how its building for i386 twice (and on the same machine).

I am facing a similar issue:

# plague-client detail 10603

Detail for Job ID 10603 (OpenSceneGraph):
Source: OpenSceneGraph-0_9_9-5_fc3
Target: fedora-3-extras
Submitter: rc040203 freenet de
Status: building/
    i386: hammer1.fedora.redhat.com    done/cleanup
    x86_64: hammer2.fedora.redhat.com    running/prepping
    i386: hammer1.fedora.redhat.com    running/prepping


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