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Re: Hula -- mixed mono package

On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 09:02 +0100, PFJ wrote:

> > What's the easiest set of packages (preferably two already in Extras but
> > I'll look at something under review if there isn't a whole stack of
> > dependencies) that shows what the problem is?  
> boo, nant and gtksourceview-sharp are all pretty trivial
nant doesn't seem to need the %{_libdir} hack.  nant is an application.
The package up for review puts its files into %{_datadir} and runs fine
from there.

I've built boo without the _libdir hack.  What package should I compile
with it that will show if everything works or not?

Haven't looked at gtk-sourceview-sharp yet but the same question would
apply to it as boo:  Once I build it, what do I need to build to test

> > Since mono applications
> > in Core reside in %{_libdir} and Core's mono libraries only
> > put .dll, .exe, and GAC files in %{_prefix}/lib/ (pkgconfig and
> > ELF .so's go into %{_libdir}) I think there's something not quite right
> > about the wiki's statement of problem and the "%define _libdir
> > %{_prefix}/lib" solution.
> Not with you there - what do you mean?
Based upon where Core packages are located, I don't think the advice to
redefine %{_libdir} is good.  I want to figure out what's changed when
%{_libdir} is redefined and fix those specific problems.


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