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Re: Hula -- mixed mono package


> > boo, nant and gtksourceview-sharp are all pretty trivial
> > 
> nant doesn't seem to need the %{_libdir} hack.  nant is an application.
> The package up for review puts its files into %{_datadir} and runs fine
> from there.

I know - I've built boo and a few other apps with it.

> I've built boo without the _libdir hack.  What package should I compile
> with it that will show if everything works or not?

monodevelop - it won't work without the libdir hack

> Haven't looked at gtk-sourceview-sharp yet but the same question would
> apply to it as boo:  Once I build it, what do I need to build to test
> it?


gtk is currently broken, but monodevelop will compile and start up.

> > > Since mono applications
> > > in Core reside in %{_libdir} and Core's mono libraries only
> > > put .dll, .exe, and GAC files in %{_prefix}/lib/ (pkgconfig and
> > > ELF .so's go into %{_libdir}) I think there's something not quite right
> > > about the wiki's statement of problem and the "%define _libdir
> > > %{_prefix}/lib" solution.
> > 
> > Not with you there - what do you mean?
> > 
> Based upon where Core packages are located, I don't think the advice to
> redefine %{_libdir} is good.  I want to figure out what's changed when
> %{_libdir} is redefined and fix those specific problems.

Fair enough. From the packages I've built using mono (which are quite a
few), if something depends on a package (such as monodevelop requiring
boo, ikvm, monodoc and gtksourceview-sharp), you really need the libdir
hack. If it's a standalone (such as nant), it's not.

However, for simplicity, having the hack there just means everything
will always build.


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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