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Re: rpmlint warnings/errors

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006 09:04:36 -0600, Kent E Yoder wrote:

> > No application should ever dlopen the non-versioned .so at run-time. If 
> it
> > does, it needs to be patched. An application is built for a specific
> > API/ABI and must not expect an arbitrary .so to be the right one.
>   You are absolutely correct under normal circumstances, but this is a bit 
> of a special case.  libopencryptoki.so implements the PKCS#11 API, which 
> is designed to be used in exactly this way. PKCS#11 apps routinely provide 
> a way for you to specify which PKCS#11 API .so you'd like to use.  This is 
> because different PKCS#11 implementations *should* be interchangeable, 
> since they each provide the same API, but may support different hardware 
> under the covers.  In fact, fedora already ships one such program with the 
> opensc package, "pkcs11-tool".

Well, then this is the kind of reply the reviewer should get, which
explains why the .so is not in the -devel package.

However, it would be better if these plugin DSOs were located in a special
directory and not in standard library search path.

> > > DHJ> W: opencryptoki devel-file-in-non-devel-package
> > > DHJ> /usr/lib/libopencryptoki.so

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