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plib changes heads up

Hi all,

After some discussion with Matthias we both decided that it would be
better if I took over as plib maintainer.

One of the first changes I've made is to modify plib so that it builds
shared libs instead of static ones.

As of a few days there is a new plib release in the devel branch which
offers these shared libs. As such it now also consists of 2 packages
plib and plib-devel (previously we only had plib-devel). This should not
affect existing packages since these are staticly linked against the
previous release.

Could everyone with a plib using package please build it (localy)
against the new plib and let me know if it works (or not).

I'm planning to push this new plib for FE-5 within a couple of days
(notice once more this won't break existing apps, but new builds need
some extra testing even though they should be fine).



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