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Re: taking over tripwire?

> From: "Stephen John Smoogen" <smooge gmail com>
> There are several problems with tripwire that I have seen mentioned in
> the last 2 years. We quit using tripwire due to the 64 bit problem and
> just went with rpm -V and some sha256 scripts to do files not loaded
> in rpm database.
> 1) Selinux/xattr aware
> 2) 64 bit compilation/working
> 3) Prelink aware
> 4) Licensing problems with later versions?

Thanks for the information.

The rpm and scripts approach don't meet my own needs; hence my interest
in dusting off tripwire for the more recent versions of Fedora. 

I'm familiar with the first three issues. But I haven't heard of any
recent issues with the licensing. I've also mentioned my intentions to
Ron, and he hasn't mentioned such an issue.

If you have specifics on licensing problems, I'd be appreciative if you
could pass them along. 


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