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Re: libdir and python on x86_64

Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

It seems to me that, for a set of packages that are going to share the
same module namespace, if any of them contains any arch-dependent code,
*ALL* of these packages need to go into sitearch.

In Extras, this would apply to both Twisted and Flumotion.

Does this seem correct, or am I missing something ?
Hrmm... but how will this work with the non-arch-dependent packages being noarch?

Python handles this correctly.  If module namespace A lives in the
arch-dependent path, and module namespace B lives in the
arch-independent one, then they can both be imported just fine.

Right, I completely understand this...

The problem I'm describing is when A.B is put in the arch-dependent one,
and A.C in the arch-independent one.  Then programs can only import A.B
or A.C, but not both, effectively rendering A useless.

But what you're saying is that both A.B and A.C need to be in the arch-dependent path. Which means that A.C can no longer be built as noarch (as if it is, where it ends up randomly depends on which arch it's built on)


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