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Re: libdir and python on x86_64

Jeremy Katz wrote:
Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

It seems to me that, for a set of packages that are going to share the
same module namespace, if any of them contains any arch-dependent code,
*ALL* of these packages need to go into sitearch.

In Extras, this would apply to both Twisted and Flumotion.

Does this seem correct, or am I missing something ?
Hrmm... but how will this work with the non-arch-dependent packages being noarch?

Python handles this correctly.  If module namespace A lives in the
arch-dependent path, and module namespace B lives in the
arch-independent one, then they can both be imported just fine.

Right, I completely understand this...

The problem I'm describing is when A.B is put in the arch-dependent one,
and A.C in the arch-independent one.  Then programs can only import A.B
or A.C, but not both, effectively rendering A useless.

But what you're saying is that both A.B and A.C need to be in the arch-dependent path. Which means that A.C can no longer be built as noarch (as if it is, where it ends up randomly depends on which arch it's built on)

How does one persuade an arch-independent python package to install itself into %{python_sitearch} instead of %{python_sitelib}? Is there an option to pass to "python setup.py" that will usually work?


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