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Re: nx, freenx on x86_64

> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> No, I don't think that we should do that ATM -- or are there any *good*
>> reasons for it? And did somebody check if that combination even works?

It does work.

>> And in any case: Just copying the i386 version over to the x86-64 repo
>> because the maintainer couldn't fix it for x86-64 on it's own is the
>> wrong approach IMHO because then we might have a bunch of i386 packages
>> in the x86-64 soon just because maintainers were to lazy to fix their
>> stuff (or find someone interested in x86-64 to fix it).

I *have* looked into getting this fixed for x86_64. I have been part of
the freenx/nx project since 2004, and no one has successfully ran this
on x86_64. I'm told that nxagent is not 64-bit safe, and that fixing it
would require somewhat of a rewrite.

I also think that it's a little rash to determine that maintainers are
lazy because they have a package that does not work on all architectures.

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