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Re: Thoughts about courier-mta packaging?

Top-posting myself to resubmitting this idea...

I talked to Sam on the courier list, and he has no intention of ever
submitting this to fedora for packaging (and contrary to what was
previously thought, he's not on the extras mailing list, only the core
list, and is not a contributor).

So this goes back to the original question below...  How flexible are
the extras maintainers when it comes to allowing packages made from a
really good upstream spec.  It needs a little work, which I'd be willing
to do (and would hope that Sam would incorporate upstream), but it's not
worth it to me to rewrite (and maintain) a new spec from scratch.


Chris Petersen wrote:
> I use courier as a mail server both at work and at home, and have often
> wondered why it wasn't included as part of fedora extras.
> Sam (the author) has built a wonderful multi-distro spec that works fine
> (except for one missing build-dep that's specific to a package split in
> fc4; an easy fix).
> I'd be more than happy to submit/maintain the package in extras if it
> didn't require maintaining the spec myself -- it's HUGE and complicated
> and there's no need to maintain a separate one when the upstream author
> does it already.
> I couldn't find any info about courier in bugzilla or the list archives,
> so I figured I'd toss it out here for a quick discussion before
> submitting the idea for package review.
> -Chris

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