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Re: Retiring: R-gnomeGUI

Jose' Matos wrote:
On Friday 09 June 2006 01:01, Marc Schwartz wrote:

Is this situation FC specific or more general for GNOME moving forward?

I am not Tom (I guess you already know that ;-) but if I remember correctly this is one of the packages with LinuxThreads. That means it will not run with FC5+.

  My memory is very fuzzy regarding this, so I could be wrong.


I could not find anything easily with respect to documentation on that requirement, unless it is implicit in the libs requirements.

I do note that it is available in FC5's Extras. Should I presume that this indicates that it does build and function properly on FC5? If so, it would suggest that the LinuxThreads requirement is not in place.

Let me know on that if you could.

It would be worth your posting this to r-devel to give folks a heads up
on this pending situation, since undoubtedly, somebody will try to
compile the CRAN package at some future date and find that it won't.

  You are right. Do you want to volunteer? ;-)

I am happy to. If you can clarify the above issue, I will post the note for R Core.

Best regards,


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