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Sharing sources in CVS

A number of game-related packages on FE use the same soure tarball for
the game data and the game engine, with the game data taking up a large
majority of the space.

In the spec files, the game engine and game data are split up into
separate packages, so that the game data doesn't have to be updated at
the same time as the game engine, reducing the size of updates for

Unfortunately, that just doesn't work when the -data subpackage is part
of the same spec as the game engine, as it will get rebuilt and pushed
when the game engine is rebuilt.

One possible solution would be to create a completely separate -data
package in its own CVS module, with its own sources file pointing to the
same tarball as the game engine.  This would allow the maintainer to
update the game engine package independently from the game data, even
though they share the same source tarball.  It would also allow the
-data package to be tagged as noarch, so that it won't get rebuilt for
all architectures.

Is it possible to share a source tarball between two separate packages
in CVS?  Alternately, would it be possible to have two spec files in the
same CVS module, so that they could be built separately?  Or will either
of these solutions just confuse the build system?


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