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Re: AWOL owners and stale packages.

Paul wrote:

So far I have only had comments from Michael Schwendt, but I would like to hear more from other FE maitainers.

Not quite - I did start a thread in a similar vein a short while back
inspired by qparted.

Sorry, I must have missed it :-(

What sorts of time frames do people think is reasonable? How many contact attempts should there be?

I think 5 should be enough contacts and preferably a month (depending on
the package size) from initial BZ to acceptance. Okay, that does mean a
lot more people acting as sponsors.

A month is a good amount of time, though if the package is a large one
(such as Amaya), this time frame may vary.

I would prefer all packages be treated the same. I think if you start having too many exceptions, if just leads to confusion. I am hoping for a nice simple policy :-)

I like the one month period. A bz report should be considered the starting point of the contact period.

I am not sure I understand why this would need more sponsors? A NMU would only happen by existing FE developer, so a sponsor would not be needed.

The person wishing to do the NMU and eventual take over of the package would have to have posted an email indicating their intent along with the BZ report URL.

Thats sort of how I would see it play out.


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