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Re: Extras i386 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2006-06-08

David Timms wrote:
> Matt Domsch wrote:
>> Note: This is using the extremely reduced chroot as documented in the
>> Extras
>> Exception List.
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines#head-4cadce5e79d38a63cad3941de1dadc9d25d67d30
>> automake, autoconf, libtool and m4 had accidentally been included in
>> my buildroots from previous runs; they're removed in this and
>> subsequent runs, which will cause additional build failures.
>> Extras tree as of Thursday afternoon; it takes quite a while to
>> rebuild 1800 packages on 2 architectures. :-)
>> In addition, about 5 packages (all perl modules IIRC) managed to hang
>> in 'make test'.  I manually killed those after ~16 hours, and they'll
>> show up as failed builds below.
>> Open Bugs which now build, and can be marked CLOSED RAWHIDE:
>> gnupg2 194079 NEW
>> libgpg-error 193550 NEW
>> Note: This is using a reduced set of packages in the build chroot as
>> compared to the standard Fedora Extras build system before FC6test1.  See
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/FixBuildRequires for more
>> information, including the list of packages removed from the
>> default build chroot.
>> Extras Rawhide-in-Mock Build Results for i386 Fri Jun  9 23:06:25 CDT
>> 2006
>> Number failed to build: 206
>> Number expected to fail due to ExclusiveArch or ExcludeArch: 1
>> Leaving:  205
>> (there may be some duplicates if rawhide has 2 versions of a package)
>> Of those expected to have worked...
>> Without a bug filed: 198
>> ----------------------------------
>> abiword
>> airsnort
>> allegro
>> amaya
>> argus
>> azureus
> ...
> I am happy to spend sometime filing extras buildrequires bugs, if the
> consensus is that is what the community wants ?

I'm not sure if that is what the comminity wants, but to spare you some
work if you do, I'm aware of and planning on fixing soon the following:



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