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nx requires and provides

Hi all,
	I need some help in clearing up some issues with the nx package. It
seems to have two bigger problems at this point, and I really don't know
what to do about either.

First, nx *does not* work on x86_64, so it has an Excludearch: x86_64 in
the spec. This is fine for the arch exclusion, but there is a package
that depends on nx, freenx which is noarch (its just a bunch of
scripts), so the build reports show that freenx has a broken dependency
on x86_64. What is the best way to handle this? Can I Excludearch:
x86_64 on a noarch package? How about a requires: wrapped in an ifnarch

Second, nx is based on XFree86 4.3.0. The backend components come from a
full X11 build, and require a number of adapted libraries from this
build. The library of most concern right now is libX11.so.6.2. Nx
installs this library in /usr/lib/NX/lib, then when any of the nx
components are called, a wrapper puts the NX/lib path in front of the ld
path for just that application, so as not to step on any of the other
libraries already on the system. The problem, which was not apparent
until now, is that yum thinks that nx provides a valid libX11.so.6 so
certain applications requiring this file may download nx and its
dependencies. How do I fix this? I feel that this could actually be
considered a deficiency in yum or rpm in that the file is not in the
standard library path, so it really isn't provided to the system. Any
input would be greatly appreciated in this.


Rick Stout

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