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Re: Retiring: R-gnomeGUI

Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 19:01 -0500, Marc Schwartz wrote:
Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
The R-gnomeGUI package relies on ancient gnome libs to function, and
since those libs are going away in -devel, I'm retiring this package. If
anyone is motivated to do the work to port this code to gtk2, then I
would be happy to give them ownership of this package.


Is this situation FC specific or more general for GNOME moving forward?

Fedora Core is dropping the ancient GNOME 1 libs in FC-6. GNOME long ago
moved way past the point where R-gnomeGUI stopped.


Thanks for the clarification.

Barring somebody wanting to port to gtk2, what was a spartan proof of concept GUI for R, it may be time to finally retire the CRAN package to orphan status. Or perhaps to simply make the code available for example purposes, but not have a functional version if the libs are no longer going to be available. That's a call for R Core to make.


There are certainly better evolving GUI's for R for those that might want one.

If there is a good gtk2 GUI console (I could not find one), I would be
willing to put it in Fedora Extras.

I don't know that there is one to be honest.

With the proviso that I am not a R GUI user (I use ESS with emacs 22 from CVS with the XFT patches), the ones that I see discussed relatively frequently on the R lists (ie. RCmdr, JGR, SciViews, etc.) are not GTK based.

At one point, the gnomeGUI tool was described to me as having:
"... not been developed in some years. It is more of a
technology demonstration than a useable GUI."

That characterization is still accurate.

Based on that feedback from upstream, and the removal of GNOME 1 libs
from Fedora Core, I've opted to retire this package.

No disagreement with your decision.

I'll post a note to r-devel (as I noted in my reply to José), so that R Core is aware of the pending change and can make whatever decisions they require based upon that information.

Thanks Tom.


Marc Schwartz

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