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Re: Extras x86_64 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2006-06-08

Le samedi 10 juin 2006 à 19:20 +0200, Denis Leroy a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > please don't, we need 0.x to mark release candidates and others
> > pre-real-release versions
> I don't understand this one. The release is not the version number, and 
> it's something that we completely control (unlike the upstream version 
> number), so should it be anything other that a linearly increasing 
> single number (just like a build number) ? (I can see an exception being 
> made for things with kernel versions in them otoh).

There is a convention to use 0.x release numbers when you package
something which is almost, but not quite the version number the package
advertises (fairly common situation nearby a FC release when all sorts
of stuff is packaged early in expectation of reaching full release
before the actual distro release)

Nicolas Mailhot

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