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Re: Buildsys glitch? (perhaps primary.xml.gz problem)

Jonathan Underwood wrote:
OK, it does seem that there's a problem with emacs in the chroot:

checking if /usr/bin/emacs is XEmacs... /usr/bin/emacs -batch
-no-site-file -eval (let* ((x (if (featurep (quote xemacs)) "yes"
"no"))) (write-region (if (stringp x) x (prin1-to-string x)) nil
emacs: error while loading shared libraries: libXext.so.6: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

Full build logs at:


As long as I saw your root.log, mock did not install libXext rpm. But truely,
emacs requires libXext.so.6 (by "rpm -q --requires emacs).

I downloaded primary.xml.gz of FC-5 and checked dependency, however, emacs and
emacs-common do not require libXext.so.6, this is APPARANTRY WRONG!!
You can work around by adding "BuildRequires: libXext", but this issue must be
filed to bugzilla.

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