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Re: Buildsys glitch? (perhaps primary.xml.gz problem)

TASAKA, Mamoru wrote:
Rick Stout wrote:
emacs: error while loading shared libraries: libXext.so.6: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

The problem is related to nx falsely providing libXext.so.6, which was
installed in the buildroot. This problem has been fixed and the build
has been pushed. When the mirrors update, this problem will be resolved.

No. The problem is that FC-5 emacs does not require libXext.so.6 (using yum),
but the truth is that emacs SHOULD require libXext.so.6.

Even if nx comes to not provide libXext.so.6 any longer, this problem will
not resolved until emacs comes to require libXext.so.6 .

Note: nx is in FC5-extras, however, the fix for primary.xml.gz in FC5-core is

Ah.. I was mistaken.  Rick, you are right.
Emacs truely required libXext.so.6, however, mock falsely installed nx to satisfy
the dependency for libXext.so.6 (by root.log). Yes, the primary.xml.gz for FE-extras
should be fixed.

Sorry for my confusion.

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