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Re: Buildsys glitch? (perhaps primary.xml.gz problem)

>>>>> "MT" == Mamoru TASAKA <TASAKA> writes:

MT> Ah.. I was mistaken.  Rick, you are right. Emacs truely required
MT> libXext.so.6, however, mock falsely installed nx to satisfy the
MT> dependency for libXext.so.6 (by root.log).

Well, it didn't falsely install it.  Emacs requires libXext.so.6, so
yum went to install it and found two packages providing it.  Having no
other information to go on, it chose the one with the shorter name.

The real problem here that I see is that a package containing a file
named /usr/lib/NX/lib/libXext.so.6 ends up providing libXext.so.6.
That's bound to bite us many, many more times in the future unless
RPM's automatic dependency generation stops adding provides for
libraries that are outside the regular library search path.

Yes, this has a chance of breaking dependencies for packages which add
directories to the search path; those are probably few enough that it
would be simple to add the provides by hand.

 - J<

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