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Re: failed mock build of gnubg on fc4

Joost Soeterbroek wrote:

I am unable to mock build package gnubg on fc4.

I've narrowed it down to an autoconf/automake problem in dir 'intl', where Makefile.in is incorrectly generated missing separators for SOURCES variable:
causing make to fail with error "Missing seperator".

It does build successfully (in mock) for fc5 and devel, just not fc-4. Build logs are available: http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/logs/fedora-4-extras/10691-gnubg-20060530-5.fc4/i386/

Any ideas?

It's not a mock issue. I can reproduce the issue on an up to date FC-4 system. It seems to be an automake issue; intl/Makefile.in is generated from intl/Makefile.am and includes two definitions of SOURCES, the first without the backslashes at the end of each line, and the second one being correct. Replacing aclocal and automake in the autogen.sh script with aclocal-1.7 and automake-1.7 from the automake17 package gets you past this, for reasons I can't fathom.

*Insert here lecture from Ralf on the evils of using autotools in packages*

I suspect it's not worth the bother of fixing this though, because the next issue you'll hit is:

render.c:48:19: error: cairo.h: No such file or directory

FC-4 doesn't have Cairo and the configure script doesn't offer a means of turning off Cairo, unless you also turn off GTK2.


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