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Re: build system issue

>>>>> "IC" == Ian Chapman <packages amiga-hardware com> writes:

IC> The problem is, that mock is installing an older version of lua
IC> (5.1-5) which provides lua-devel in the main package, even though
IC> lua-devel was provided as a seperate RPM.

If two packages provide the same thing, yum will install the one with
the shortest name.  Since the old lua package is still in the
repository and is still providing the symbol, yum will still install

IC> Question is, what's the best way to deal with this?

Get the old package removed from the repository.  The maintainer
should edit Extras/FC5Status and request the deletion (or find a
helpful admin on IRC, I suppose).

I wouldn't recommend it, but the lua maintainer could just bump the
release and push a new package; only two versions are kept, so this
would push out the old version.

 - J<

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