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Re: AWOL owners and stale packages.

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
How about something like: - When someone sees that a maintainer
isn't answering their bugs, not answering rebuild requests, emails
or the like, they file a bug against the package in bugzilla asking
for the maintainer to respond. This bug should list the outstanding
issues they need to address. - After every 7 days, the reporter
adds a comment to the bug asking again for response. Others can add
to the bug that they also were not successfull in contacting the
maintainer, or providing additional contact information for the
maintainer (ie, alternative email, irc, etc). - After 2 attempts (2
weeks) of no response from the maintainer, the reporter posts to
the fedora-extras list with a url to the bug report and asks if
anyone knows how to contact the maintainer. - After another 7 days
(now 3 weeks total), the reporter posts to the extras list with the
bug link and indicates that all attempts to contact the maintainer
have failed and that they wish to take over the
package. Additionally we could require the former maintainers
sponsor to sign off on the change.  I think the bug is important to
be able to track things, and the maintainer should follow email
from bugzilla for their packages anyhow.

Michael> That's exactly how I foresee the process, but probably a 4
Michael> week wait.

Yeah, that would be fine I would think too.
Michael> I am not sure the reasoning for having the previous sponsor
Michael> resign off on the package when it should be required that the
Michael> NMU be done onl by existing FE developers.

Well, I was thinking about the case with a non packager submitting to
take over a package (ie, it's their first package). Thats probibly
extra complication and we should just say for now that the person
trying to take over maintainership is already an existing maintainer
for at least one other package. Do you want to submit this plan to FESCo for approval? We should get something in place soon IMHO.

Hello Kevin,

Yeah, I will draft it and send it too the FESCo guys too mull over.


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