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Re: Mock build problem

cranium2003 wrote:
--- Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:

cranium2003 wrote:
    It seems i am following wrong tree to build
i have attached my /home/source tree in text file
u check it and then check fedora mock conf file??
Disabling local means what i need to do in mock
    I hope u can understand attached tree file.
So far you have made a local mirror of
fedora-core-development (i386). You can use this for building packages targeted at FC6 (i386), You will probably need a local mirror of Extras (development)

To build packages targeted at FC5, you will need
local mirrors of FC5 core, FC5 updates and probably FC5 Extras too.

You will need to keep your mirrors up to date,
particularly for development.

What is the platform you actually want to build for?

Please answer the above question before asking any others.

Do you want to build packages in mock for FC5, FC6 (development), or both? You will need to mirror different things for these.


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