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Re: fstab-sync for xfce replacement package

> I am working on a thunar package (which will be the default graphical
> file manager for Xfce 4.4 when it's released), but I haven't had time
> to go too far on it. If you would like to package it up, feel
> free... ;) 
> Note that thunar is in beta still until 4.4 comes out, so I don't
> think it should be shipped until 4.4 is released.

I have completed a thunar package which may be found on

It requires a newer version of the exo library, which I requested, 
together with a diff for the spec file here:

It handles right my usb key, but there seems to be icons missing for
the different files. Or maybe they are not in thunar directly or I missed
something while packaging. Otherwise it looks like a nice and fast 

I tested on FC5.


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