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Re: fstab-sync for xfce replacement package

>>>>> "Patrice" == Patrice Dumas <pertusus free fr> writes:

>> I am working on a thunar package (which will be the default
>> graphical file manager for Xfce 4.4 when it's released), but I
>> haven't had time to go too far on it. If you would like to package
>> it up, feel free... ;)
>> Note that thunar is in beta still until 4.4 comes out, so I don't
>> think it should be shipped until 4.4 is released.

Patrice> I have completed a thunar package which may be found on
Patrice> http://www.environnement.ens.fr/perso/dumas/fc-srpms/Thunar-0.3.0-0.beta1.src.rpm

Patrice> It requires a newer version of the exo library, which I
Patrice> requested, together with a diff for the spec file here:
Patrice> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=195435

I am a bit learly of updaing exo to a beta1 version, shipping things
that the developers aren't even called a RC yet is kinda scary. 
Take a look at all the xubuntu problem reports that pop up on the Xfce
lists (xubuntu shipped Xfce 4.4beta1 + their patches). 

On the plus side, exo only has one thing that depends on it
(Terminal), and also the current exo doesn't build right under devel,
so updating exo and Terminal might be ok. 

I will do some testing and see how stable new exo/Terminal seem. 

Patrice> It handles right my usb key, but there seems to be icons
Patrice> missing for the different files. Or maybe they are not in
Patrice> thunar directly or I missed something while
Patrice> packaging. Otherwise it looks like a nice and fast
Patrice> filemanager.

Yeah, it is a beta tho, so expect some issues. 

Patrice> I tested on FC5.
Patrice> -- Pat


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