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FESCo Voting Application

Good day fellow citizens!

The FESCo 2006 elections have been promised as soon as the Voting
Application is complete.  That time is rapidly approaching and FESCo
would like to hold the election from July 22 until June 2.  Before
beginning, we'd like to exorcise any remaining bugs or issues with the
code that we can.  There are two ways that you can help do this:

1) The Voting Application is up on:

  Feel free to try it out.  Make sure it allows you to vote.  Make sure
it doesn't allow you to vote twice!

2) The Voting Application code is in fedora's cvs.  If you want to look
at the code and check for bugs, poor code, or security issues, you can
view it on the web at:

or check out a copy:
  $ CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous cvs fedora redhat com:/cvs/fedora
  $ cvs login
  Logging in to :pserver:anonymous cvs fedora redhat com:2401/cvs/fedora
  CVS password:      [No password.  Just hit enter]
  $ cvs co fedora-vote

Feel free to contact me with any issues you encounter:

a badger gmail com
IRC: abadger1999


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