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Help name the test project!

Hello Fedorans! I need your help.

I've started putting info about the Fedora testing project on the wiki -
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraTesting - but I've got a problem.

"Fedora Testing" just isn't a very inspiring project name. It's supposed
to encompass a lot more than just testing Fedora - it wants to be a
project (under the auspices of the Fedora community) to create and
promote testing tools and methods for Open Source Software in general.
We want to test everything! We want to make "Fedora" and "Open Source"
synonymous with "rock-solid". 

So "Fedora Testing" just doesn't feel like enough to me.

Even more problematic is the Open Sourcing of Red Hat's automated test
system, which they have named RHTS - Red Hat Test Suite. Surely we can
come up with a more inspiring name for a massive automated software test

Good names would be short, fairly unique, not trademarked, and it would
be nice to avoid unpronounceable acronyms (like RHTS, XML-RPC, HTTP,
USB, etc). Dogtail and Mugshot are a couple of good recent examples from
Red Hat.

Here are some possible project names:
FTL (Fedora Test League / Faster Than Light)

And some names for an automated test suite:
Turnstile (keeps the RHTS abbreviation for easy rebranding)
Giant Testing Robot (GTR or testbot for short?)

So - does anyone have a good name for these things? We need your help!
We can't start mailing lists and websites without a good name!


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