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IMPORTANT: FE - ExcludeArch for noarch packages

Concerning Fedora Extras

As of today, the Fedora Extras "push script", which GPG signs and
publishes packages found in the "needsign" repository, respects
ExcludeArch also in .noarch (!) packages.

It has not done this before and has published noarch packages for all
platforms. I've done the last couple of pushs with this feature enabled
to see whether any package would trigger the new feature. Today, I got
this warning:

  EXCLUDEARCH: Not releasing mhonarc-2.6.16-1.fc6.noarch.rpm for x86_64.

Conclusively, it seems we have published packages like this in the
repository unknowingly.

You may need to submit removal requests in the Wiki for any old noarch
packages, which have been published before for an architecture that should
have been excluded. (Note, I've removed mhonarc for x86_64 already.)

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