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Re: check-rpaths


> On 5/24/06, Toshio Kuratomi <toshio tiki-lounge com> wrote:
> > > http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ToshioKuratomi
> I have this rpath problem in one of my packages and I've modified the
> %build like so:
> %build
> %configure --enable-gifplugin --disable-static
> %{__make} LIBTOOL=/usr/bin/libtool %{?_smp_mflags}
> This does fix the rpath error, however with this modification, the
> static library is built even though I specify --disable-static on the
> %configure line.  Any idea why this happens?

Whether static libs get built is decided by libtool.  It has a variable

Normally, configure writes the libtool script, and depending on the
arguments passed to configure it sets this variable to no.

If you bypass this mechanism and use the system-installed libtool, you
use its default options, not the ones configure wants.

Overriding LIBTOOL is a dirty hack.  I think it would be good to mention
that this hack will cause .a files to get installed as well.

Also, the instructions on the wiki on how to make the system-installed
LIBTOOL be used don't look correct to me.  They mention you should first
try setting an environment variable.  I don't see any case where this
would be better than setting the make variable as they're supposed to -
setting them on the make command line, after make.

None of these hacks are particularly appealing.  Has anyone recently
discussed the issue with libtool maintainers ?


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