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Re: docs packaging

Eric Tanguy wrote:
> Hi all, i'm trying to modify the libupnp spec file to include the
> programming doc i forgot at the beginning.
> My problem is where to put the doc and if i have to split it in the 2
> packages (libupnp and libupnp-devel).
> In the doc build by the package i have LICENSE NEWS README THANKS TODO
> UPnP_Programming_Guide.pd and a directory examples/
> Either i put all this stuff in usr/share/doc/libupnp-1.4.0-1/ in the
> devel package (which is the easier to do) or
> usr/share/doc/libupnp-1.4.0-1/ containing LICENSE NEWS README THANKS
> TODO in libupnp package and usr/share/doc/libupnp-devel-1.4.0-1/
> containing UPnP_Programming_Guide.pdf and examples/ in devel package.
> But for the second solution (which seems the better solution to me) i
> have to create directory
> (RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share/doc/libupnp-devel-1.4.0-1/) and mv
> UPnP_Programming_Guide.pdf and examples/ in it at the end of make
> install. It makes the spec file a bit ugly...
> What do you think of this ?
> Thanks
> Eric

Maybe you could create a -docs subpackage for just these?
So its spec might contain something like the following components:

%package docs
Description: Programming documentation and examples for %{name}
%files docs
%doc LICENSE README NEWS UPnP_Programming_Guide.pdf
%doc examples/

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