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Re: rpms/monodoc/devel monodoc.spec,1.3,1.4


> 1. %configure .. passes --target=noarch-redhat-linux
> This is an invalid canonicalization triple, causing AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM
> (actually config.sub) to abort => bug in RPM.

I know. I've put this into BZ, but it's been marked as not a bug quite a
few times.

> --target=sparc86x is a canonicalization triple which happens to let
> config.sub silently accept it by random accident, and therefore doesn't
> cause configure to abort, i.e. this is an ugly hack.
> A better ugly hack to achieve the same effect would be --target=none

Again, I'm just going of spot's recommendation with that one rather than
anything else.

> 2. This package's configure.in uses AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM.
> AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM adds --build, --host and --target to a configure
> script, were --target is the target a cross-tool running on $host being
> built on $build is supposed to generate code for.
> This normally is only useful for cross-compilers and their components,
> but isn't useful for normal applications. In this case it is not useful.
> The whole configuration only applies $host, i.e. the configure script

Yep - again, this was from discussion on the packagers list as well as
on IRC over the past week. IIRC, this method was fine with an existing
package and again, recommended that this is what was done (as well as
altering the other two members of the AC_CANONICAL triple, but I'd gone
to bed at that point!)

> As a minimal invasive short-term work-around, without having to patch
> the packages and to run the autotools, two approaches are possible:
> a) Don't use %configure, instead explicitly invoke ./configure with
> appropriate options (and --target removed).
> AFAIS, the packages only uses --prefix and --bindir, so most of the
> other options %configure passes to ./configure are unused, anyway, so 
> ./configure --prefix=%{_prefix} --bindir=%{_bindir}
> probably would be sufficient.

What about _libdir?

> b) Use this (and don't patch configure*):
> %configure --target=none

> For the moment, I'd recommend you to remove all traces of patching
> config-files and invoking the autotools and to use b).

Okay. Do you mind if I pop this onto the mono packaging thread to see
what they say? I can see both sides of the argument here with both of
them having solid arguments as to why they should and shouldn't be used.


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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