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Re: rpms/monodoc/devel monodoc.spec,1.3,1.4

On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 14:43 +0100, PFJ wrote:
> Hi,

> Yep - again, this was from discussion on the packagers list as well as
> on IRC over the past week. IIRC, this method was fine with an existing
> package and again, recommended that this is what was done (as well as
> altering the other two members of the AC_CANONICAL triple, but I'd gone
> to bed at that point!)
Actually, I doubt, they need any AC_CANONICAL* macros at all.

I think, they actually want AC_CANONCIAL_BUILD and use $build instead of
$host, but I would not exclude they even need this. They seem to use
$host to distinguish building on Cygwin from building elsewhere and to
trigger using cygpath - I.e. build-system characteristic ==> $build.

Furthermore, using cygpath in many cases can be avoided, which would
render the whole stuff superfluous.

> > As a minimal invasive short-term work-around, without having to patch
> > the packages and to run the autotools, two approaches are possible:
> > a) Don't use %configure, instead explicitly invoke ./configure with
> > appropriate options (and --target removed).
> > 
> > AFAIS, the packages only uses --prefix and --bindir, so most of the
> > other options %configure passes to ./configure are unused, anyway, so 
> > 
> > ./configure --prefix=%{_prefix} --bindir=%{_bindir}
> > probably would be sufficient.
> What about _libdir?

You are right, a grep tells, it's used at 3 locations.
At many other places they are using a hard-coded $(prefix)/lib

> > b) Use this (and don't patch configure*):
> > %configure --target=none
> > For the moment, I'd recommend you to remove all traces of patching
> > config-files and invoking the autotools and to use b).
> Okay. Do you mind if I pop this onto the mono packaging thread to see
> what they say?
Nope, this is a public list, so feel free ...


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