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Re: KDE Sub-Packaging Approach on Fedora

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 11:11, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Hugo Cisneiros wrote:
> > On Tuesday 20 June 2006 10:33, Rex Dieter wrote:
> >>Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> >>>OK - I'd missed that subtelty, sorry. I suppose that's the best (most
> >>>consistent) situation that can be hoped for.
> >>
> >>Or, follow what koffice in Extras did, and use a meta-package named
> >>koffice-suite.  A nice advantage of this approach is that since the old
> >>name is no longer being used, we have the opportunity to drop all those
> >>darn Epoch's from kde packaging.
> >
> > And break with upstream package name, package name that the current users
> > are already accustomed, and kdebase and kdelibs should not be
> > sub-packaged, so they will still have these nasty Epochs. I see no
> > advantages here.
> Not if you properly Provides/Obsoletes the old name.  Obviously, the
> subpackaging idea doesn't extend to *all* kde packages, only for the
> ones for which it makes sense.

Oh, you're completely right... With this I changed my mind: now IMO it's 
better to do this. Some naming suggestions?

- kdegames-all
- kdegames-meta (yummy (*))
- kdegames-suite
- kdegames-group
- kdegames-suite

(*) - This also resolves the problem when removing a sub-package, the "meta" 
word will tell the user that there's no big problem removing the packaging 
(it will not remove its main subpackages).

> > BTW, I had difficulties into installing koffice because of this reason: a
> > simply yum install koffice didn't work. Then I installed one for one
> > until I found out koffice-suite exists (dumb me!) :)
> I consider that a bug/shortcoming of yum.  koffice-suite properly
> Provides/Obsoletes "koffice", but 'yum install' doesn't grok "Provides",
> only real pkgs.  ):

Hummm, this is really annoying... If this is really a yum bug, we would get a 
lot of trouble. I asked Seth's adivce on IRC somedays ago and he said that 
yum recognizes Provides well. Is this fixed in current development yum 
versions? (aka 2.9.0)

Anyway, I have a rawhide test system here, I'll test this and inform the list. 

> -- rex


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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