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Re: Removing access for election nominees

Elliot Lee wrote:
Hi all (especially Toshio, Warren, and Seth),

I know we mentioned this for Toshio already, but...

Unless there is any major objection, I'd like to remove the Fedora Infrastructure logins for skvidal, toshio, and wtogami during the Extras election (i.e. their shell accounts on the web servers and related systems). I don't think there will be any real problems from any of them as far as tampering, and it's not like this election has as much at stake as national parlimentary elections, but it seems like one way to avoid any unpleasantness down the road.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. :) And if there's anyone else I missed who is in the sysadmin-main or sysadmin-web groups and nominated for FESCO, please let me know.

Does this mean I can't login to cvs.fedora? I need to do work there on a daily basis.


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