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Re: new mock package

On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 07:39 +0200, Eric Tanguy wrote:
> Since i updated mock to 0.6-1.fc5 when i try to run it i obtain :
> init
> clean
> prep
> This may take a while
> Could not find useradd in chroot, maybe the install failed?
> ending
> done
> What is the problem ?

Just seen this here for an FC4 target. My guess is that you're still
using a mock config file from the old mock package, and you haven't
looked at the changes in the .rpmnew config files in /etc/mock. Pay
particular attention to config_opts['chroot_setup_cmd'] (inherited from
defaults.cfg); if you have a local "groups" repo, you'll need to rebuild
it to include a buildsys-build package, like the one at

And for FC4, you'll probably want:

config_opts['chroot_setup_cmd'] = 'install buildsys-build elfutils'

for useful debuginfo packages.


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