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Re: pkgconfig question

On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 00:42:07 -0700, Christopher Stone wrote:

> If an rpm contains a .pc file and is otherwise noarch, does the fact
> that it has a .pc file automatically make it unqualified as a noarch
> package?

> noarch packages will put the .pc file under /usr/lib/pkgconfig which
> does not work so well on 64bit arches with /usr/lib64/pkgconfig

A noarch .pc file must go be stored in /usr/share/pkgconfig

> Additionally, I noticed that the gtk2-engines rpm owns
> %{_libdir}/pkgconfig/ directory.  Shouldn't this directory be owned by
> the pkgconfig package?  It seems this goes against packaging
> guidelines.

Preferably it would "Requires: pkgconfig" and not own that directory.

But if it doesn't require pkgconfig an doesn't own the directory either,
the directory would become an orphan. Hence some packagers include such
directories, so it gets installed and remove correctly. This applies to
all directories, which don't belong into any filesystem core package
and which are optional dependencies.

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