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Xfce 4.4beta1 test repo (was Re: XFCE4.4)

Thought I would cross post this over here on the extras list as well,
as there might be some interested folks here. 

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Michael Reilly <paul m reilly verizon com> writes:

>> Yeah, I was intending to do something like that. Note that I don't
>> have a "people" directory, since I don't work for redhat (Xfce is
>> in extras. ;) I will see about setting up a repo here later tonight
>> with the beta1 packages I have now. testing appreciated. Would
>> devel/fc6 be sufficent? Or would folks like fc5 versions as well?

Paul> Kevin, I'm only concerned with devel, FWIW.  And let us know if
Paul> a repo server for this special xfce4.4 test is an issue.  I
Paul> suspect we can solve that one fairly easily.

Ok, by popular demand... I've got a repo setup for Xfce 4.4beta1. 

NOTE: This is a beta1 release. It could eat your data, blow up your
computer and drive off to vegas with your valuables. ;) 

A few other things to note: 

- I don't have a orage package ready yet. orage is the new

- I don't have my mousepad package ready yet. Mousepad is a simple and
lightweight text editor that will be shipped with 4.4. 

- I don't have a thunar package ready yet. Thunar is the Xfce 4.4 file
manager, replacing xffm. 

The following packages that are in 4.2 are no longer in 4.4: 

- I have only done minimal testing so far on things, so more testing
is welcome. I can also probibly make fc5 rpms if there is a demand. 

- Please send bug reports/patches to me. 

I will try and keep the repo up to date with betas moving forward. 

for your /etc/yum.repos.d/xfce44beta.repo

--- cut ---
name=Xfce 4.4 beta1
--- cut ---


Paul> -pmr


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