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Summary for the FESCo Meeting from June 08

Hi all!

Sorry, I didn't find time to write the summary earlier. Better late than
never :-/

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: thl, warren, Sopwith, mschwendt, scop, thomasvs

 *  FESCo future/election
  * abadger1999 working on it
 * buildsys-build
  * new mock in the works
 * Encourage Extras reviews
  * tibbs is working on better documentation; Initial work at
  * some discussions how to improve the situation in general -- see 0:10
and later for details
 * MIA/AWOL maintainers
  * we might track this with the package database (
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/PackageDatabase ) in the
long term; no other progress
 * kmod's enhanced ( see kerneldrivers.org )
  * Seems there is no real benefit nor detriment for Fedora -- we'll
wait and look what falls out of the work from jcmasters work for RHEL5
 * Free discussion
  * CTRL-C-Problem -- cvs-commits-mails can be prevented by hitting
CTRL+C during commit. Warren and the infrastructure group will look into
fixing this (if possible)

== Full Log ==


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