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Summary for the FESCo Meeting from June 15

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: warren, scop, thl (late)

 * Short meeting only -- thl had other things to manage and joined late

 * some discussions at 0:07 on
  * tibbs> | The idea was that people needing sponsorship are not
understanding the process; Many think that sponsorship comes automatically.
  * tibbs> | I'll try to find the info from the logs and cook up an
Extras/SponsorResponsibilities page.  The HowToGetSponsored page could
then link there.
  * tibbs> | So, I'll go ahead and cook up a page of sponsor
responsibilities and we can discuss it next week.

 * voting / voting system  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting/
  * thl> | abadger1999, shall we post this url and a point to the code
in cvs so people can review it before we do the actual election?
  * abadger1999 did that in between
  * some guys tested it and some minor problems were found (and fixed)
  * How long would the voting last? It was areed on one and a half week;
open on June 22 close on July 2
  * no revotes are allowed/possible -- If people complain we might
implement it in the next election

== Full Log ==

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