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Summary for the FESCo Meeting from June 22

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: thl, Sopwith, jpo, scop, jeremy (somewhat), warren,
skvidal, ensc

 * thl apologizes -- he didn't write the meeting summaries for the past
two Meetings yet
 * FESCo future/election
  * thl > | everything working as expected so far?
  * abadger1999> | No one's complained. And I haven't received any mails
from the system that thing aren't working.
  * warren's access to some machines was limited due to the election --
he can't do CVS branching anymore. We should make sure that such things
aren't necessary in the future (if possible). Sopwith / the
infrastructure group will take care of creating CVS branches duing the
 * Encourage Extras reviews
  * FAB is watching us -- see
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Meetings/2006-06-20 in the part
"Fedora Extras Steering Committee discussed the sponsorship lag
question. A summary, as provided by SethVidal, follows. [...]"
  * thl> | everyone should read that summary and we really need to find
ways to improve the whole situation -> Topic for next FESCo
  * warren> | I maintain that the only solution is more education and
better documentation.  I think Tibbs' mail on this topic is right on track.
  * tibbs will take care of improving the documentation in the wiki from
now on
 * Incompatible package upgrade policy
  * still on the schedule
  * directfb still was not updated
  * It's a bit unclear on just what this topic covers.
  * we really need somebody to driver this forward; we'll put it on the
plate for the new FESCo and ignore it for now
  * scop> | just to remind, spot said that he'd work something out of
the discussions
 * FC3 branch of perl-Net-SNMP
  * one of the nagios plugins requires it and Infrastructure machines
run FC3 it seems.
  * creation of that branch permitted
 * minimal buildroot problem
  * wart posted to f-e-l on that topic.  Any ideas what we can do about
it? (missing elfutils -> binaries don't get stripped)
  * elfutils probably needs to be added to the build roots on FC4 (maybe
FC3 also)
  * here seem to be some kind of problem with python as well
  * if was agreed on to simply discuss this further on the list; if it
looks like it should be necessary that elfutils or python need to be
added we simply do it without further discussion

== Full Log ==


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