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Re: AWOL owners and stale packages.

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael J Knox <michael knox net nz> writes:

Michael> Hi all...  I have finally drafted this guide/policy. Thanks
Michael> to those that chipped in.

Michael> Kevin, I mostly used your email, just reworded and what not.

I just reworded other emails. ;) 

Michael> Fell free to pick holes:

Michael> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MikeKnox/AWOL_Policy

It might be good to to not use "AWOL/MIA". There are probibly lots of
people who don't know what that means. 

How about "Unavailable to continue maintainership" or something like

In addition to changing the owners.list file, new maintainers should
reassign all open bugs to themselves. 

Michael> I would like too see this presented at the next FESCo
Michael> meeting.

yeah, me too. :) 

Michael> Thanks!
Michael> Michael


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