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Re: Testers with radeon 9600 or 9800 wanted for new 3D package

dragoran wrote:
> 1) after the first start it does not work; (rendering errors and does
> not quit; needs to be killed)
Hmm strange

> 2)enabling FSAA give me this error on startup:
> GLRenderSystem::createRenderWindow "OGRE Render Window", 1280x1024
> fullscreen  miscParams: FSAA=6 title=OGRE Render Window
> Could not make screen: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
Yes it would be nice if it would try again without FSAA if it can't get
it to work.

> 800x600 window (no FS/ no FSAA) =
> Render Target 'OGRE Render Window' Average FPS: 137.35 Best FPS: 150.943
> Worst FPS: 123.26
Well thats better then my puny 2 fps :) Atleast it really is a 3D card /
driver problem and not a packaging bug, good.

Thanks for testing,



Anyone with an 9600 / 9800 out there, I would really like to know how
that works in combination with the new opensource driver. I'm somewhat
reluctant to upgrade to a videocard without opensource 3D support.

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