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Re: Testers with radeon 9600 or 9800 wanted for new 3D package

Hans de Goede wrote:
dragoran wrote:
1) after the first start it does not work; (rendering errors and does
not quit; needs to be killed)
Hmm strange

I still don't know whats going on here after rm -rf ~/.chess setting the config again the first start is broken (black figures looks ugly and there is no menu and no way to quiet the app)
2)enabling FSAA give me this error on startup:
GLRenderSystem::createRenderWindow "OGRE Render Window", 1280x1024
fullscreen  miscParams: FSAA=6 title=OGRE Render Window
Could not make screen: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
Yes it would be nice if it would try again without FSAA if it can't get
it to work.

without it works and enabling it using the nvidia controll panel works fine too (and it looks much better with AA ;) )
800x600 window (no FS/ no FSAA) =
Render Target 'OGRE Render Window' Average FPS: 137.35 Best FPS: 150.943
Worst FPS: 123.26
Well thats better then my puny 2 fps :) Atleast it really is a 3D card /
driver problem and not a packaging bug, good.

Thanks for testing,
np, if you need more feedback/testing just tell me


Anyone with an 9600 / 9800 out there, I would really like to know how
that works in combination with the new opensource driver. I'm somewhat
reluctant to upgrade to a videocard without opensource 3D support.

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