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Re: Clarification on Packaging Guidelines

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 19:59 -0700, Eric Work wrote:
> I was previously unsure whether %pre/%post ldconfig lines on shared
> library devel packages were needed.  In a recent discussion with some
> others on #fedora-extras I was informed that they were not needed.
> Maybe a blurb about this should be added to the Packaging Guidelines
> in the scriptlet section on shared libraries.  What is the opinion of
> others on this matter?

Not sure what you mean by "shared library devel packages".

Do you mean "-devel packages for shared libraries where the shared
libraries are actually in the main package" (the normal case), or
"-devel packages that include within them shared libraries (not just
symlinks)" (the unusual case, e.g. for openais, which recently went into

I believe that ldconfig should be called in %post and %postun for the
actual package that contains a shared library (not just symlinks) if
(and only if) the shared library is in ldconfig's search path.

So in the normal case this would result in ldconfig being used in the
main package and not the devel package, and in the openais case it was
required in the devel package and not the main package.


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